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Music industry supporters of Fair Trade Music

September 9, 2016 Fair Trade Music information 0

Music Industry Endorsers

4 Culture
The Ancient Robots
Andonimus Music Productions
Audio Logic Inc.
Tara Babette, Promoter
Richard Barbee, Promoter
Paul Beaudry, Promoter
Christopher Bingham, Promoter
Glen Bui, Promoter
Anthony Chatman, Producer
D/P Management Group
Jeff Davies, Promoter
Ian Delile, Producer
Christopher Diamond, Arts/Mucic Researcher
Ricardo Frazer, Exec. Director, Zaki-Rose Corp.
Future Funk Entertainment
Global Artists Collective
Evan Hulse, Promoter
Cynthia McCammon, Promoter
The Music Factory
NVRMT Productions
Debra Reece, Promoter
Jamal Robinson, Promoter
Seattle Unity Church
Steve Roseta, Promoter
Songwriters in Seattle
Reese Tanimura, Program Director, Rain City Rock Camp for Girls
Joseph R. Walbaum, Promoter/Producer
Eval Wilson, Promoter
Darrius Willrich, Promoter/Producer
Eric T. Yamada, Promoter
Karen “KZ” Zammitt, Promoter