Fair Trade Music for Seattle Sunday August 28

Fair Trade Music for Seattle Sunday August 28

August 28, 2016 Music at Fair Trade Music clubs 0

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fair Trade Music for Seattle


Chop Suey: A Weekend at the Feelies with Vacationeer + Dunce – 8:00 pm ($8)

Columbia City Theater: Bridging the Music Presents Washington Solo Artists Awards, featuring Brandon Lents, John, Horne, Michael Hershman, Sean Backus, Cole Holland, Loki the Fallen, Conner  – 6:00 pm ($10 advance/$12 door)

Columbia City Theater: Sammy Warm Hands and Ogar Burl – 6:00 pm in The Bourbon Bar

Couth Buzzard: Open Jazz Jam wit Kenny Mandell – 2:00 pm

Couth Buzzard: Northern Tunes Jam – 6:00 pm

Crocodile: Turnover with Angel Dust + Triathlon – 7:00 pm ($15 advance)

Latona Pub: Carter’s Acoustic Showcase – 7:00 pm

The Moore Theatre: Peter Pan: My Brother’s Keeper – 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm ($10 up to age 17/$15 adult)

Neptune Theatre: Belly reunion featuring Tanya Donelly with Gail Greenwood (bass), Chris Gorman (drums), Tom Gorman (guitar) – 8:00 pm ($26 advance /$28.50 day of show)

Neumos: The Living End with Wild Roses + The Wages of Sin – 8:00 pm ($18 advance)

Re-bar: Flammable featuring Brian Lyons, Wesley Holmes, Xan Lucero, Karl Kamakahi – 10:00pm-2:00am ($10)

Royal Room: Jane Addams Middle School Band – 4:30 pm

Royal Room: jean mann “roadgirl” CD release – 7:30 pm ($10/$12 day of show)

Seamonster Lounge: Jazz Bruch featuring Farko Dosumov (bass) and Istven Rez (guitar) – 12:00 n

Seamonster Lounge: Sing It Live: all female songwriting improve featuring Melissa Montalto, Michelle Searle, Katrina Kope, Kathy Moore, Megan Rask, Heather Thomas – 10:00 pm

Skylark Café: International Pop Overthrow featuring Steve Barton – 7:30 pm; Ships Have Sailed – 8:15 pm; Irene Penn – 9:00 pm; Ida Bay – 9:45 pm; Wynn C. Blues & Her Trouble Fakers – 10:30 pm ($10)

Stone Way Café: Hal Merrill (pedal steel guitar) with Bruce Bainard (guitar), John English (acoustic bass) – 4:00 pm

Tula’s Restaurant and Jazz Club: Big Band Jazz: Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra – 7:30 pm ($8)

Vito’s: Johnny Astro – 9:30 pm

Watershed Pub & Kitchen: The Swamp dogs – 1:00 pm